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Mercedes-Benz service Hawthorn

Sick of paying a premium for Mercedes-Benz service? Discover Ammstar’s drive towards better value and service.

At Ammstar, we focus solely on one thing: luxury European vehicles.

This laser focus is what makes us the number one choice for Mercedes-Benz owners in Hawthorn.

At Ammstar, we know how your Mercedes-Benz works inside-out, from the oil filters, to the adaptive braking system. Unlike the local mechanic, we:

  • Source parts from original parts manufacturers & suppliers
  • Employ Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Technicians
  • Have a huge pool of talent, including 17 specialists

This allows us to provide the kind of services you’d normally have to return to a dealership for, all at a lower price point.

Choose an independent Mercedes-Benz service centre!

How OEM components save you money

Did you know that many “home brand” products come off the same production lines as branded foods?

OEM components work in a similar fashion.

Standing for Original Equipment Manufacturer, the only difference between OEM and genuine Mercedes-Benz parts is the lack of the three-pointed star.

Everything else – tolerances, processes and factory – are practically identical.

OEM parts aren’t just indistinguishable from the real deal – for all intents and purposes, they are the real deal!

Thanks to our relationships with OEM suppliers, we’re able to offer you favourable deals on service and maintenance without sacrificing the quality of the components. This is what allows us to offer such attractive price.

Professional and caring. Seemed to go the extra mile…

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100% independent Mercedes-Benz specialists

Dealers rely on car servicing to make a profit – that’s why they’re so insistent on dealership service and genuine parts!

Here’s something else you may not have known: dealerships make very little money on the sale of individual cars – sometimes as low as 1-2% per vehicle. Then you remember that your dealership also has to pay for:

  • A huge sales team
  • Showrooms
  • Advertising campaigns
  • New vehicles from the manufacturer

Unlike your dealership, Ammstar operates independently of the Mercedes-Benz dealership network – this means we don’t need to worry about any of those costs.

And for you, that means a superior price! View our Mercedes-Benz services here.