Mercedes-Benz common problems

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Mercedes-Benz common problems

There are a lot of things that set Mercedes-Benz apart from other cars on the road. One thing that isn’t different is the need for Mercedes-Benz service

Like any other car (or any mechanical device, for that matter), your Mercedes-Benz can suffer from mechanical faults and issues.

Over the years, our Mercedes-Benz mechanics in Melbourne have noticed that some problems are more common in certain models than others, and that some engines are prone to certain issues.

The most common Mercedes-Benz issues

Has your vehicle run into one of these issues? Our Mercedes-Benz mechanics can help!

Many Mercedes-Benz models come with oil coolers as standard. These play a crucial role in the engine, ensuring that engine oil is an appropriate viscosity.

Unfortunately, they’re also prone to leaks – click here to learn what the most common issues are, as well as which Mercedes-Benz engines are especially prone to oil cooler leaks.

Learn about Mercedes-Benz oil cooler leaks

The key to your Mercedes-Benz’ engine timing is the timing chain. Find out what makes timing chains superior to traditional timing bands, as well as some of the most common issues.

Do you drive a Mercedes-Benz powered by an M271 engine? If so, we suggest putting this at the top of your reading list!

Learn about Mercedes-Benz timing chain failure

Early versions of Mercedes-Benz OM651 engines were faulty fuel injectors that were prone to premature wear-and-tear and a high failure rate.

What caused these fuel injectors to be so problematic? And what can you do to make sure your Mercedes-Benz doesn’t suffer from one of these issues?

Learn more about Mercedes-Benz fuel injector problems

Limp mode is a safety feature built into every Mercedes-Benz vehicle that throttles your vehicle’s performance to keep you safe and reduce further problems when you encounter electrical or mechanical problems.

What triggers limp mode in Mercedes-Benz vehicles? Read on to find out!

Learn what causes Mercedes-Benz limp mode

Is your Mercedes-Benz not idling as smoothly as it usually does? There are a number of culprits – one of which is a faulty PCV valve.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles powered by the M156 engine – including AMG models – are especially prone to rough idling as a result of PCV failure.

Learn how Mercedes-Benz PCV problems can cause rough idling

Under normal circumstances, your DPF will “self-clean”. However, certain driving habits and routines might mean that your system is unable to regenerate properly.

A DPF regeneration might be needed in these cases to prevent a range of engine issues. Find out what this involves, as well as what you can do to avoid this happening to you.

Learn about DPF problems in Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles

Mercedes-Benz engines use variable intake manifolds to ensure that you get the appropriate amount of “oomph”, whether you’re gunning it down the freeway or cruising through a car park.

In M272 and M273 engines, this all hinges on a single plastic part that’s prone to failure. Luckily, our Mercedes-Benz mechanics in Melbourne can provide a more sturdy, protecting you from overheating problems.

Learn more about intake manifold flap problems
Mercedes-Benz common problems

The importance of choosing a Mercedes-Benz specialist in Melbourne

Taking your Mercedes-Benz in to be serviced for any of these issues doesn’t have to break the bank anymore

Our Mercedes-Benz mechanics in Melbourne have one goal: to offer a better Mercedes-Benz service, without the markup that often comes with.

  • Our independence from the dealership gives us more flexibility with prices
  • We use OEM and aftermarket parts from thoroughly-vetted third parties to reduce costs
  • Unique systems and alternate repair methods allow us be more efficient and affordable
  • Finally, we’re simply driven to provide better value

Combine that with 20 years of experience specialising in German car brands like Mercedes-Benz, and we’re able to offer a lower Mercedes-Benz service cost, and much greater value for money than dealership service!