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Mercedes-Benz service and repairs Melbourne

You don’t just own a car – you own a Mercedes. You’re driven to give it the best care and maintain it for years to come.

The key to keeping that special machine running? Ongoing maintenance and repairs from a real Mercedes-Benz specialist.

When it comes to servicing your Mercedes-Benz, Ammstar closely follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and requirements to ensure your car runs as it should, year after year.

Mercedes-Benz owners are often familiar with the terms ‘A’ or ‘B’ service, but what does this all mean?

What are the Mercedes-Benz service recommendations?

Routine maintenance of your Mercedes Benz in most cases is only required once per year and in later models sometimes up to 30,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.

While Ammstar follow the recommended service scope, we also understand that an aging vehicle has slightly more specific requirements than that of a new car.

Generally speaking, Mercedes-Benz vehicles alternate between an ‘A Service’ and a ‘B Service’. These are also commonly referred to an ‘Assyst 1’ or ‘Assyst 2’ service.

Service A or Assyst 1 is a minor or small scope service. In addition to all the standard checks and engine oil and filter replacement, our specialists also run a variety of checks to identify problems unique to your Mercedes-Benz.

This is a service not every corner garage can offer!

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Service B or Assyst 2 occurs every second service and is often referred to as a large scope service.

In addition to all the operations performed in the small scope service, the service B at Ammstar also includes the air conditioning cabin filter replacement: an item the dealers sometimes consider an additional job, along with extra charges!

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While your instrument cluster may be displaying a message, ‘service C due!’, this message will be translated into either a small scope ‘A’ service, or a large scope ‘B’ service.

In addition to the normal scoped items, this service may also include some additional items based on the age of the vehicle or the kilometres travelled.

Confused? You aren’t alone. It may seem a little ambiguous but once one of our specialist mechanics have extracted the service data and performed an inspection, you will have a clear picture and full understanding of the car’s service requirements.

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Shortly after 2000, Mercedes-Benz started using new terminology for it’s service schedule.

While the Assyst 1 and Assyst 2 services loosely translate into the former A and B services, this new naming convention incorporated condition based servicing, an idea that the car would determine what items are required and when.

While this is true to some degree, the service schedule for Mercedes-Benz still follows a ‘due by time’ or ‘due by kilometres’ structure.

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Why choose Ammstar for Mercedes-Benz servicing?

It’s true that some of the basic maintenance tasks under the Mercedes-Benz service scope could be performed by any old mechanic.

However, would you really want any old mechanic that knows a bit about all types of cars servicing your your Mercedes-Benz? Ammstar are a team of specialists that work together to not only meet the dealer standards, but to exceed them!

When you choose repairs and maintenance from a Mercedes-Benz expert like Ammstar, you’re getting more than an oil change and general inspection. You’re also getting:

Genuine and OEM parts

Our connections to original parts manufacturers ensures that your Mercedes-Benz is being fitted with high-quality components from the original suppliers – no dodgy third-party parts here!

Our services honour your warranty

Our workmanship and our guarantee ensures that your Mercedes-Benz warranty isn’t compromised when you leave your car with us.

Superior value

We operate independently of the dealer networks, using favourable supplier relationships to offer superior pricing on all the repairs we perform. With Ammstar, service will surpass your expectations without charging a premium.


Our skilled technicians are only employed after strict testing processes and regular monitoring, to ensure we have the right people working on your Mercedes-Benz.

We continually invest in additional training to keep up with developing technology and to ensure our team’s skills stay sharp.