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Looking after your health: Ammstar Exclusive’s response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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Keeping your vehicle in good condition is important – however, your health is even more important

The Coronavirus COVID-19 is having an impact on all of our lives at the moment. Every little bit needs to be done to safeguard the health of the community and prevent the transmission of this disease.

As an organisation, Ammstar is taking measures to minimise the risk both to our team as well as you, our clients.

The risk is serious, which is why we’re taking a range of actions and implementing new policies to protect your health and slow the spread of the virus.

New policies at Ammstar Exclusive

Your health is our top priority. That’s why we’ve brought in a range of new policies for before, during and after your service. When you bring your Mercedes-Benz in for its annual service, our team will do the following…

During your visit

  • We’re going non-contact in adherence with health guidelines – that means no handshakes and maintaining a safe distance
  • Visit by appointments only – we are no longer taking walk-ins, so please call ahead
  • Your keys will be disinfected during handover, and again before we return your vehicle

Ensuring our team and venue is safe

  • We’re observing social distancing rules and enforcing a strict no-contact policy with both clients like you and our suppliers and partners
  • Our team is following health guidelines regarding coughing, washing and face touching
  • We disinfect high-risk surfaces such as door handles, pens, phones and tables
  • By keeping our team healthy, we’re keeping you healthy

Changes to our operating hours

  • Depending on our work load, we may close some branches to the public on certain days. 
  • Our website will display regular updates and operating hours for all branches. 
  • We may operate at reduced hours to minimise the risk to our staff – be sure to call your nearest Ammstar branch for more information

Our vehicle sanitation procedures

Upon vehicle drop-off and immediately prior to handover, our team will thoroughly clean your vehicle using the following sanitation procedure.

During this procedure, our team will don protective equipment such as gloves and masks to reduce your risk, and will use industrial-grade cleaner and disinfectant to ensure your wellbeing.

Disinfecting exterior surfaces

In addition to our complimentary car wash, our team will also focus on disinfecting areas that see a lot of contact such as exterior door handles and tailgate handles.

Disinfecting interior surface

That includes wiping down interior door handles, grab handles, windows and control buttons such as indicators, function buttons, gear sticks and your car control panel.

Protecting your steering wheel

Upon arrival, we will thoroughly wipe down and disinfect your steering wheel, before covering it with a protective plastic wrap for the duration of your service.


We will tag your keys to indicate your car has been sanitised, allowing us to ensure that every vehicle that enters our workshop is safe to work on or hand over.


Once we’ve finished working on your car, we’ll repeat the process, ensuring that we hand over a clean vehicle.

Key handover procedure

ammstar exclusive

Handover is the part of your service with the greatest direct risk to your health, so we’re taking a range of measures to minimise (and even eliminate) person-to-person contact.

You’ll have a range of options to reduce contact with our team when you hand the keys over…


In accordance with social distancing rules, you’ll be asked to leave your keys on the desk or in your vehicle, eliminating person-to-person contact


We’re installing more lock boxes, giving you the option of simply leaving your keys in there and picking them up afterwards

Ziplock bag

If your vehicle uses a keyless entry system, you will have the option of placing the fob in a ziplock bag for the duration of the visit – no-one aside from you will touch the fob directly.

Disinfection and cleaning

Upon handover and prior to returning your vehicle, we will wipe down your keys using commercial cleaner and disinfectant, just in case.

While working on your vehicle

  • Your steering wheel will be covered with a protective plastic wrap throughout service
  • The inside of your vehicle will be sanitised in accordance with our vehicle sanitation procedure, both when you drop it off and before you pick it up
  • All staff will wear protective gloves while working on your vehicle (see below)

Changes to our shuttle, loan car and pick up services

  • Loan cars will be thoroughly sanitised in accordance with our vehicle sanitation method before handing them to you, as well as upon return
  • For your protection, you will no longer be able to accompany our mechanics on road tests
  • Our shuttle service will now be limited to one passenger, sitting in the rear of the car. Distance will also be limited to a 2km radius to minimise the amount of time you need to spend with us
  • We now offer a no contact pick up service, we can pick your car up and drop it back to you without any face to face interaction

Check-in and payment

  • We’re implementing a range of new procedures for key handover to minimise person-to-person contact (see below)
  • After-hours pickup is also available
  • New contactless payment options are available, such as payment over the phone or Paywave
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