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Independent Mercedes service in Melbourne that WON’T void your warranty

There’s just one catch: it has to be performed by a Mercedes-Benz specialist!

Many Mercedes-Benz owners assume that means taking it in to the dealership when it needs a service. They’re concerned that if they go to an independent mechanic, they may void said warranty.

Of course, dealership service comes with a higher sticker price than independent workshops – one that many owners reluctantly accept as the price of maintaining their warranty.

We’re here to tell you that the dealership isn’t the only option – going to an independent mechanic doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your warranty!

Today, we’ll be explaining why this is the case, and why you should choose Ammstar for a more affordable Mercedes-Benz service in Melbourne that will also keep your warranty intact!

First thing’s first: it’s illegal to void your warranty for choosing an independent mechanic

According to the ACCC, consumers have a right to shop around and find the best price. In the ACCC’s own words, you’re free to “choose your preferred repairer for service and repairs, as long as the manufacturer’s maintenance and servicing standards are met” in most cases.

As such, any language that suggests that not choosing a dealership will void your warranty may be misleading, and is typically used by dealers as a way of scaring car owners into paying for dealership service.

While there are many conditions that a warranty policy can stipulate, who you choose for regular Mercedes-Benz servicing isn’t usually one of them.

As long as the service was performed to the manufacturer’s standards and the parts used are up to par, it doesn’t matter where you go to for routine Mercedes-Benz service.

Good news if you’re eager to avoid the markup that typically comes with dealership servicing, or simple want to shop around for a good deal!

So if you get a better offer at an independent mechanic for Mercedes-Benz service in Melbourne, there’s nothing stopping you from going for it.

How our Mercedes-Benz mechanics in Melbourne are able to maintain your warranty

We’re genuine Mercedes-Benz specialists

Many independent workshops work on a range of different car brands, with Mercedes-Benz simply being one of them. In essence, they’re jacks of all trades, masters of none.

We here at Ammstar don’t just love Mercedes-Benz vehicles – our mechanics are also Mercedes specialists.

Unlike other independent mechanics out there, our team specialises in Mercedes-Benz servicing.

For a long time, vehicles with the three-pointed star were the only ones that passed through our workshop (though our Cheltenham and Fairfield locations have since diversified into other German car brands).

As a result, we’ve got years and years of hands-on experience working with Mercedes-Benz vehicles – something that few other mechanics can boast.

What’s more, we also employ mechanics who come from backgrounds in the Mercedes-Benz dealership network, and who bring with them further Mercedes-specific knowledge.

All of this allows us to provide service that’s equal to dealership servicing, helping you maintain your warranty going forward.

High-quality parts

As mentioned above, many manufacturer warranties (Mercedes-Benz included) stipulate that using inappropriate or low quality replacement parts may violate your vehicle’s warranty.

The problem is that many independent workshops use generic parts in order to offer a lower price at the expense of durability, and oftentimes, the warranty on your Mercedes as well.

Here at Ammstar however, we believe your car deserves only the best. That’s why our Mercedes-Benz mechanics work solely with high-quality genuine or OEM parts and components that are up to the Mercedes standard.

In addition to ensuring that your Mercedes-Benz is maintained well, this also helps ensure that your warranty is maintained.

Not only that, but our strong relationships to original parts manufacturers also allows us to get our hands on niche parts that are only found in Mercedes vehicles, and which other independent mechanics simply do not stock.

For example, many of the computer and safety systems in your Mercedes require rare parts that otherwise would only be found at a dealership.

Highly-refined systems and processes

As we mentioned above, as long as your independent Mercedes-Benz mechanic is able to meet the manufacturer’s standards and uses quality parts, your warranty will be fine.

If your independent mechanic’s work causes a defect however, your warranty may be on the line.

To help you avoid that outcome, our team has devised a highly-refined set of systems and processes to ensure that each mercedes-Benz service we provide meets the German car manufacturer’s strict standards (and that’s on top of our specialist skills and experience!)

Our factory trained Mercedes-Benz mechanics utilise the latest in computerized diagnostic tools to accurately diagnose your Mercedes, and get to the heart of the issue.

We also use highly-refined processes that have been shaped by 20 years of hands-on experience working with Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In addition to allowing us to provide a quicker service than generalist mechanics, it also ensures that we don’t miss a single thing.

All of which helps us provide a high-quality service and maintain your Mercedes-Benz warranty!

What if your Mercedes is already out of warranty?

The moment your Mercedes-Benz goes out of warranty, you can expect the cost of dealership service to spike – as a result, many who previously relied on dealership service suddenly find the dealership a lot less attractive.

Unfortunately, many stick with the dealership because they continue to believe that’s where they’ll get the best service.

Not true!

Just because your Mercedes-Benz is out of warranty doesn’t mean you have to start paying a premium for Mercedes-Benz service.

At Ammstar, our specialty is maintaining vehicles that may have already gone out of warranty and providing their owners with continuing high quality service, at a fraction of the cost of dealership service.

Since we’re independent of the dealership, we’re able to be a lot more flexible with our pricing, allowing you to enjoy a lower Mercedes-Benz service cost.

For starters, we have lower overheads than most dealerships. In particular, we don’t have to purchase inventory (yes, that’s right – manufacturer’s don’t simply give dealerships new cars!)

As a result, there’s less pressure to upsell or add additional services.

What’s more, we also don’t slavishly follow the service guide. As a result, we’re able to tailor service for your car’s actual condition – if we can get away with excluding or delaying certain services (and thereby reduce your service costs), we won’t hesitate to alert you.

Need Mercedes-Benz service in Melbourne?

Maintain your Mercedes’ warranty (and save money while you’re at it) with Ammstar

As a manufacturer’s warranty, Mercedes-Benz new vehicle warranty covers all the manufacturing-related defects and problems in your new vehicle.

Important to note is that it doesn’t cover regular servicing and maintenance – you will still have to pay full price for that!

Fed up with paying dealership prices for your Mercedes-Benz service? Consider going indie and taking your vehicle to Ammstar’s Mercedes specialists.

We’re driven to provide a better service for you and your Mercedes.

Our ability to offer dealership-level service at a fraction of the price is only part of that – we also:

  • Offer a complimentary wash and vacuum
  • Shuttle you to and from your home while your car is in our shop
  • Give you the final signoff on each maintenance task
  • Provide free courtesy cars for services over $500
  • Keep your Mercedes-Benz service cost at a reasonable level with fixed-cost pricing

Start the drive towards a better service today – click here to make a booking, or give us a call today:

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