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Own a used vehicle? Call our Mercedes-Benz mechanics in Melbourne!

Buying a car isn’t cheap – especially when it’s from a luxury German brand like Mercedes-Benz!

No wonder second-hand Mercedes-Benz vehicles are such hot items. For many, it’s the best way to experience the luxury and exclusivity of a Mercedes, without the price tag that comes with a new vehicle.

Are you looking for something of the used variety rather than one that’s fresh off the assembly line? We suggest contacting our Mercedes-Benz mechanics in Melbourne before committing to your purchase.

And after you buy your used Mercedes, we suggest choosing Ammstar for ongoing servicing and maintenance!

Our team of specialists can help those who have bought (or are thinking of buying) a used Mercedes-Benz in a number of different ways…

Our Mercedes-Benz specialists perform pre-purchase inspections

Thankfully, the quality engineering and build-quality of Mercedes-Benz vehicles makes it unlikely that you’re buying someone’s second-hand dud.

Of course, we understand that you may feel nervous anyway! Buying any car is a major investment, after all – it’s only natural to be cautious.

Looking for peace-of-mind? Call our Mercedes-Benz mechanics in Melbourne for a pre-purchase inspection.

Our team of Mercedes-Benz specialists can perform a pre-purchase inspection on any second-hand Mercedes vehicle that may have caught your eye.

Our specialist mechanics inspect a vehicle from top-to-bottom, including exterior and interior checks. We’ll check the engine bay, wheels, tyres, brakes, suspension and more.

During this inspection, we can learn a lot about the car you’re looking at buying, including:

  • Poor or spotty service history
  • Bad accident repair
  • Something that’s being covered up by a dodgy mechanic (or seller!)

We provide a wide range of Mercedes-Benz services, allowing us to fix any issues uncovered if you decide to go ahead with the purchase.

And since we specialise in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, our team is able to identify issues that a generalist mechanic may not notice during their pre-purchase inspection.

Using our experience and brand-specific knowledge, our team can also identify issues a general mechanic might miss, such as problems with Mercedes-specific parts and systems.

All of which helps you make a more informed decision, and can even save you from making a purchase you might otherwise regret!

We’ll give you the same result for less

Money is one of the number one reasons that so many motorists choose to buy a used Mercedes-Benz instead of going for a brand-new one.

Of course, the costs of owning a Mercedes-Benz (or any car, for that matter) don’t end with the purchase price. Throughout the car’s life, you’ll have to pay for ongoing service and repairs too.

The problem is that Mercedes-Benz service in Melbourne can get expensive!

According to, Mercedes-Benz service at the dealership starts from around $660 for a brand-new A-, B-, C-, CLA or GLA Class vehicle, even with fixed-cap pricing.

Luckily, there’s an alternative.

We’re driven to bring down your Mercedes-Benz service cost. And we’re able to achieve that goal thanks to our:

  • Lower overheads
  • More flexible pricing system
  • Independence from the dealer network
  • Efficient and refined processes
  • Fixed-price servicing

All of this allows us to provide a dealership-level service for your used Mercedes at prices typical of independent mechanics and workshops.

And as Mercedes-Benz specialists, there’s no need to worry about subpar parts, inexperience or shoddy workmanship either!

Mercedes-Benz service in Melbourne for older and vintage models

The Mercedes name is tied to many of the most important and iconic cars in history. Many enthusiasts buy vintage models with the goal of fixing them up and restoring them to their former glory.

In other cases, you may soon inherit or be passed down an older Mercedes-Benz from a relative who has an appreciation for luxury cars and quality engineering.

Either way, you’re about to get your hands on a used Mercedes that hails from a different era.

In addition to servicing relatively recent models, we can also help motorists who have recently come into possession of a second-hand vehicle dating back to the 90’s, 80’s and even earlier.

Vintage models in particular come with unique service requirements and challenges:

  • A lack of spare parts for older models
  • No service guide to work off of
  • Different systems, designs and manufacturing techniques
  • Lack of experience with vintage models

These are just some of the challenges owners of older models might need to overcome when looking for a Mercedes-Benz service in Melbourne. Luckily, Ammstar’s specialist mechanics can help!

Our Mercedes-Benz mechanics have worked on all sorts of Mercedes vehicles, including older models and all-time classics. We have the experience and brand-specific knowledge needed to keep these older models running.

If you’re the owner of a vintage Mercedes-Benz, you’ll want to give it the best care possible.

For this, you can’t entrust it to anyone other than a specialist mechanic – if you’re interested in buying a used Mercedes, Ammstar is the only way to go for service and repairs.

Got a second-hand Mercedes lined up?

Give our Mercedes-Benz mechanics in Melbourne a call!

Interested in buying a second-hand Mercedes-Benz? If so, we want to hear from you!

Our team are genuine Mercedes-Benz specialists, with a wealth of experience working on vehicles from across Mercedes’ range of vehicles.

And that includes used and second-hand models too.

Our team helps ensure that you get your money’s worth when shopping for a second-hand Mercedes, and provide affordable, dealership-level Mercedes-Benz service in Melbourne.

We don’t just provide Mercedes-Benz service for second-hand vehicles, either – we also sell used Mercedes for those who are in the market. All the vehicles we offer are vetted by our expert mechanics, so you’ll know you’re getting a car that’s in great condition.

It isn’t just used Mercedes that we can inspect, either – our locations in Fairfield and Cheltenham also service cars from other German brands like Volkswagen, Audi and BMW too!

Contact our team today – we promise you won’t regret it!

Alternatively, click here to book a service online.

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