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D-I-Why? 5 reasons you should choose a professional for Mercedes-Benz service

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Everyone knows that Mercedes-Benz vehicles are luxury vehicles, and that they demand a premium price.

Little wonder that Mercedes-Benz service can also get expensive.

As a result, many motorists are actively seeking out more affordable alternatives to Mercedes-Benz dealership service!

In particular, some are opting for DIY Mercedes-Benz service in order to bring down costs.

With so many YouTube tutorials and online guides out there, DIY has never been a more attractive option.

While it’s tempting to follow the DIY route, our mechanics strongly advise against it. Instead, we suggest taking it to an independent Mercedes-Benz mechanic in Melbourne!

Why’s that?

Reason 1: you can’t always trust aftermarket parts

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are finely-tuned machines, designed with efficiency, power, and performance – you can thank German engineering for that.

Each individual part or component in your Mercedes-Benz is designed with the capacity and high power output of your specific engine in mind. This is what keeps your Mercedes-Benz performing.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that aftermarket parts from third-party manufacturers will pass muster.

In many cases, aftermarket parts simply won’t be able to handle your Mercedes. They may not have the durability, toughness or build-quality needed of a genuine or original manufacturer Mercedes-Benz part.

As a result, you can expect a higher rate of failure and more frequent replacements.

And that’s if you can even fit the parts into your Mercedes-Benz in the first place!

As mentioned before, Mercedes-Benz engines are highly-engineered with very fine tolerances. If a part or component is even a little bit out of spec, it may not fit properly, leaving you out-of-pocket.

Luckily for you, our Mercedes-Benz mechanics in Melbourne have a direct line to original parts manufacturers, giving us (and by extension, your Mercedes) access to high-quality genuine and OEM parts.

Reason 2: you don’t have the equipment

Sure, simple maintenance tasks like topping up levels and checking tyre pressures are pretty easy to do on your own from your home garage. However, not all routine service tasks are quite this straightforward.

Even an oil and filter change can require a special filter removal tool, probably not the sort of – thing you would find in your home garage!

It isn’t just major repairs like oil cooler replacements that require specialist tools and equipment, either. Even relatively basic service tasks can require specialised hardware to successfully carry out.

Additionally, cars are becoming increasingly computerised, to the point where mechanics also have to have solid computer skills.

Diagnosing issues with the computerised systems in your Mercedes-Benz requires specialist diagnostic computers that “talk” to your vehicle to help identify the issue.

Additionally, the software powering these computers may need an update – a tasks that likewise requires specialised computers to carry out.

Again, only a specialist Mercedes-Benz mechanic in Melbourne has access to the type of equipment needed to do this!

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Reason 3: we’ve got the experience

Car engines are complex machines, containing literal hundreds of individual parts. Needless to say, without the proper training or experience, it’s easy for mistakes to be made.

Even other mechanics don’t always get it right – Mercedes-Benz vehicles in particular make us of a lot of proprietary systems, parts and technology which require extensive brand-specific knowledge to identify and fix.

If even experienced generalist mechanics get this wrong, what hope do you have?

When it comes to looking after your Mercedes-Benz, experience is crucial. Many problems may not be problems at all – conversely, certain issues may occur long before the service guide says they will. The only way to know for sure is to have worked on Mercedes-Benz vehicles for years.

At Ammstar, we’ve been working on Mercedes vehicles since 2000 – that’s the reason we call ourselves Mercedes-Benz specialists.

Throughout the years, we’ve accumulated a wealth of brand-specific experience. We’ve fixed issues with even the most obscure subsystem or component, as well as the entirety of the Mercedes-Benz range.

No matter the issue, we’ll get to the heart of it and give you a better service the first time.

Reason 4: we will maintain your warranty

A failed DIY repair, on the other hand, won’t!

Contrary to popular belief, car manufacturers can’t void your warranty for choosing an independent mechanic. However, there’s a condition: the manufacturer’s maintenance and service standards need to be met.

That means as long as the workmanship and parts pass muster, your warranty is safe.

Needless to say, unless you’re a professional mechanic yourself with a direct line to original parts manufacturers, you can probably kiss goodbye to your warranty if you choose DIY service!

Additionally, many insurance policies may not honour any damage resulting from a botched DIY job, leaving you out of pocket.

Luckily, Ammstar is up to the task.

Our highly-refined processes, brand-specific knowledge and trademark workmanship allow us to ensure your warranty is maintained – without having to splash out for expensive dealership service.

Learn more about how we can maintain your Mercedes-Benz warranty.

Reason 5: we’ll give you your time back

If you don’t know what you’re doing, even a relatively simple task can take considerably longer than it should.

This is especially problematic if it’s doing your own Mercedes-Benz service.

Constantly checking guides. Always second-guessing yourself. Having to double check everything you do, including the most straightforward tasks. In some cases, you may even need to request time off work to feasibly fit your DIY service in!

By contrast, our Mercedes-Benz mechanics know their stuff. We’ve been working on the Mercedes range for almost 20 years know – we know how these vehicles work.

Additionally, we’ve also fine-tuned our systems and processes for maximum efficiency and minimal turnaround.

As such, we can get your car back on the road much sooner than a DIY repair!

Need another reason to choose our our Mercedes-Benz mechanics in Melbourne?

Here’s one: we’re considerably cheaper than dealership service!

Our team is driven to bring down your Mercedes-Benz service cost and making it more affordable than ever to keep your Mercedes-Benz in good working order.

And thanks to our reduced overheads, flexibility and independence from the dealership network, that’s exactly what we’re able to offer.

We offer a more affordable alternative to dealership service, making Mercedes-Benz servicing more affordable than ever before.

It isn’t just Mercedes owners that we’re giving this treatment – in addition to Mercedes-Benz, our Cheltenham and Fairfield workshops also service other luxury German brands such as Audi, BMW and Volkswagen.

Looking for better value?

Get in touch with our team today – we promise you won’t regret it.

Alternatively, click here to book online.

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