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Latest innovation at Ammstar : Alternate repair methods developed

Ammstar Motors, Melbourne’s largest independent Mercedes-Benz service group has been developing innovative ways to repair various electronic parts of a car. The team of experts have been working hard behind the scenes to come up with innovative ways of repairing car parts which were not possible earlier.

When an electronic item in a car fails, until recently the only option was to buy a brand new unit from the manufacturer. In some cases, these parts cost several thousand dollars. Rather than replacing the item, Ammstar Motors is proud to announce that we can now refurbish the existing unit, returning it to its original operating state!

Some of the items we can potentially repair include;

  • Ignition key (DAS3)
  • Electronic steering lock (ESL)
  • Electronic ignition switch (EIS)
  • Engine control unit
  • Transmission sensor plate
  • COMAND control wheel

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Ammstar Motor’s Anthony

Ammstar Motor’s Anthony has invested much of his time and energy in developing alternate repair methods for their customers.

Our value has always been simple. We fix cars correctly and offer service that surpasses dealer standards while maintaining competitive rates. We listen to our customers and want 100% satisfaction.

We have lower overheads than traditional factory dealers, source original parts from all over the globe and our loan car fleet isn’t being factored into the price of the service. This gives us an edge in providing the best prices to our customers.

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