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Service due? Read this before booking your next service.

Mercedes-Benz Owners : Is your car telling you something, Is your service due now?

Did you know you can have your car serviced by an independent Mercedes-Benz specialist without voiding warranty, save up to 53% and receive superior service?

Not all mechanics are the same. Your car is special; it’s a Mercedes-Benz. You need a specialist who knows your car and how it works. The dealerships would like you to believe that you must service with them, otherwise you will void your warranty. If you are tired of paying way too much and not getting the service you deserve, remember:

It’s your car and there is an alternative!

7 reasons why you should service your car with AMMSTAR

1. We Specialise

Because we work ONLY on Mercedes-Benz vehicles we know how they work and how to fix them. We have the right equipment to get the job done, and highly skilled specialist technicians. Your car will be running like it should when it leaves our shop.

2. Save

Know what you are paying for with an itemised quote, and we promise to only perform repairs on your car that you have authorised. In August 2013 we engaged a market research company to determine the savings to be made by having a Mercedes-Benz service at Ammstar. We discovered our quote for a service was between 16% and 53% lower, when compared to the Melbourne metro and suburban dealerships.

3. We won’t void your warranty

Not only will we ensure your new car warranty stays intact by using genuine parts, we can even check your car over before your warranty period ends and let you know if there is anything that requires further action.

4. Respect

Your car will be treated and road tested with the utmost of care, as if it was our own. Your car will be washed clean, and because all our technicians use disposable gloves, seat covers and floor protection, you won’t find a dirty fingerprint anywhere!

5. Results

We have proven ourselves time and time again over the past 13 years. Our customers love the service they receive, and the way their car performs after a visit. I invite you to read their comments and testimonials.

6. Easy

If you are like most people and can’t be without your car, We have lots of transport options available including the use of a loan car!

*A small $20 surcharge applies to bookings with a loan car.

7. Bonus

If you Book a service online, and don’t need a loan car, we will discount your service by 10%!*

Use promotional code 10% NOLC

Contact Ammstar – Exclusively Mercedes-Benz for world-class service that exceeds dealer standards – a true dealer alternative.

*Offer not valid with any other promotion or service special. Discount only applies to service.

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